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Jolly Gel Flocculent

Jolly Gel was originally manufactured for use with zeolitic high grade filter media used in swimming pool pressure filters. This is because the standard flocculents being marketed interfere with the ion exchange capability of this type of filter media. It was also found that because of Zeolite’s natural structure, the collection of fines when using Jolly Gel was far quicker and more efficient. It was reported later by the pool trade that when used in conjunction with silica sand Jolly Gel noticeably reduced maintenance time when compared with aluminium sulphate or liquid flocculents.

There are two standard sizes manufactured. To use just place the required size cube or brickette in the pump or strainer basket. The Jolly Gel slowly dissolves as the water passes over it on its journey to the filter. The Jolly Gel places a porous, clear membrane screen over the filter media, and penetrates the bed to an average depth of some 15cm (6”). The glutinous structure will remove the finest particles of dust and algae spores.

Jolly Gel should not be used with cartridge filters and DE.


  • Removes dust: Because of the product’s unique formulation, miniscule particles of dust can be removed from the pool water. It encapsulates the fine particles and holds them to the bed by means of a mild, glutinous formulation that is flushed away during backwash cycle.
  • Long Lasting: Continues to work for up to 3 weeks
  • Algae control: Removes algae spores
  • Less Chemicals: Reduces chlorine consumption
  • Water clarity: Prepares water to camera ready standards
  • No residuals: Creates no clouding or residual dust
  • Fast dissolving: New quick dissolve cubes