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The SD50 is an indispensable tool for the professional pool engineer – no

more worrying about out of date test strips or reagents. No more doubling

the readings taken on site. The Sd50 provides reliable and accurate pH

readings time after time.


At Aquaflex we believe that extreme care should be taken when using

domestic “test strip” type test kits – these tend to bleach out when the pH

level is below about 6.5 and give dangerously misleading readings. For

accurate readings we strongly recommend a hand-held electronic pH meter

– the SD50 is the perfect solution – we cannot recommend it highly enough.

As pool owners, builders, suppliers and users, we all need to be mindful of

the vital importance of correct pH control for pool water. The effects of high

pH and particularly low pH, can be catastrophic not only for the pool’s liner

and covers, but also for the plant and machinery (pumps filters, heaters

etc.) in general.


Swimming pool liners – and particularly patterned liners, need particular

care as a combination of low pH and even slightly high levels of chlorine

can damage the pattern and lead to premature ageing. The ideal range

is 7.4 to 7.6 – Never let the pH level drop below 7.2 as this will have a

damaging effect on the liner.

We recommend the following parameters for water

treatment in liner pools:

pH: 7.4 – 7.6

Stabilised Free Chlorine: 1.0 – 1.5ppm

Chlorine Stabiliser (Cyanuric acid): 25 -70ppm

Alkalinity: 100 – 175ppm

Water Temperature: 32C maximum – ideal is <27C