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2 mm reinforced laminate, printed and with relief, inspired by nature to give character and personality to swimming pools.

Reinforced liner with exclusive 3D designs and prints, inspired by nature. You will turn your home into a haven of design and character.

The imaginative design of the liner makes it the most appropriate element for adding a personal note to your pool and making your home a unique place.

The TOUCH liners emulate nature through adding a simulated stone finish to exotic baths, adding personality and singularity to the pools in which they are used, making each pool unique.

Butt welding

The reason for this type of welding is that as TOUCH is a 2 mm membrane, the thickest and strongest on the market, the step produced after making a traditional overlap weld is much more obvious that in a normal membrane. It is clear to see and feel and is even a place where dirt can accumulate more easily. Making a butt weld only aims to achieve a more aesthetic finish, as if it is made correctly, the weld will be invisible and it will not even be necessary to use liquid PVC to seal it. We recommend it for that reason, especially in the pool bottom area, as this is where the welds are more visible.

The only 2 mm reinforced membrane with 3D relief

The big difference between TOUCH and the rest of the reinforced membranes on the market is its thickness, at 2 mm. This makes it the strongest and most durable out there. The other big difference from what is currently on the market is its great appeal. TOUCH is the first reinforced membrane with relief emulating elements found in nature, such as slate, granite or sand.