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…the ultimate DIY leading edge.

Before AquaSpoiler:


  • Debris getting caught
  • Mouldy
  • Tatty looking
  • Tangled pulling ropes
  • Press fix connectors popping off



With AquaSpoiler:


  • Totally encapsulated
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust and strong
  • One detachable control pulling point
  • New screw together SmartClic connections
  • Reuseable on future solar covers, so excellent value for money



AquaSpoiler is extruded using ABS material (with extra UV stabiliser) which makes it strong, light and bouyant. The closed-cell foam is totally encapsulated so won’t get mouldy and unsightly debris won’t get trapped inside any part. The different component parts all snap together to make a very rigid boom. This is all done in the factory as well as pre-drilling the holes to connect AquaSpoiler to the cover.

To connect the AquaSpoiler to the solar cover the revolutionary new SmartClic connector is used. These screw tightly together to prevent them coming apart.

The AquaSpoiler is so strong that it does not need a 3 point rope attachment. There is just one central pulling point used in the centre of each boom with a detachable rope which can then be coiled up and safely stored away.

After a couple of seasons, an ordinary leading edge can end up looking like the pictures to the right or even worse. (see Fig 1 and Fig 2) Like any leading edge the AquaSpoiler will also encounter chemical deposits. However, unlike other types of leading edges, they can be easily cleaned off. Although initial costs may be higher, long term savings are achieved because the SmartClic unscrews enabling you to detach the AquaSpoiler easily from the old cover so that you can re-use it on a new one.