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Superglide Leading Edge

New for 2017 is the Superglide Leading Edge which complements the Aquaflex range, giving a towing edge which is more rigid than the Solarglide but far simpler to assemble than the Aquaspoiler. We believe that the simple, streamlined and effective design of the new Superglide Leading Edge will quickly establish it as the primary leading edge combining as it does, the best of its sister towing edges.

The Superglide Leading Edge stops just short of either side of the pool to allow for radius corners to be incorporated as required. in the “rest” position the sleeve containing the pipe folds back neatly on to the surface of the cover. The pipe, with its flush joiners and endcaps, is easily inserted into the sleeve – the installation is really that simple!

Available in 3 options:

Superglide – covers up to 16′ (4.88m) wide
Superglide – covers up to 20′ (6.09m) wide
Superglide – covers over 20′ (6.09m) wide

Please click HERE for the Superglide Leading Edge Installation Instructions.

For the DIY Superglide Leading Edge Installation Instructions please click HERE.