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Slurry and Water Containment

Aquaflex manufactures a range of liners and covers for irrigation tanks, mainly for use in nurseries and garden centres, but also used for disaster relief around the world as a means of temporary water storage. Standard liners are black and come in 0.750mm (0.030″) thick material which offers a 10 year guarantee. There is an option for a “shaped strip” liner which has a double thickness of material at and above the water line.

As with Aquaflex’s swimming pool liners, the highest quality vinyl is used. Standard sizes are usually available from stock and range from 6’0″ (1.83m) diameter up to 36’0″ (10.97m) diameter with depths varying from 2’6″ (0.76m) to 10’0″ (3.05m).

An opaque cover is important for water storage tanks, to keep out the light and thus inhibit algae growth. Each cover is made from polyester reinforced vinyl and comes complete with its own fixing kit. As an optional extra an inspection/ball valve hatch is available.

Slurry and Dirty Water Storage Covers

For more larger quantities of water storage and for more specialised systems of dealing with slurry and dirty water containment, Aquaflex’s long experience of site fabrication comes into its own. Using our specially formulated 0.750mm black vinyl which is UV stabilised and specifically designed to resist root penetration, we provide a superior on site solution for containing vast quantities of slurry and dirty water. Unlike liquid containment in a free standing tanks there is no limit to the size of the lagoon that can be accommodated.

Using this system Aquaflex offers cost effective solutions to pollution control whilst conforming to ministry guidelines. Performance is unaffected by ground movement and the membrane is easily repaired if physically damaged. Aquaflex’s expertise ensures fast installation and can accommodate complex designs.

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