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Site Lining – The Method

Before the Aquaflex team is called in, the shell of the pool would be prepared or built by the main pool contractors using standard liner fittings: skimmers, inlets, lights, sumps and linerlock.

The Aquaflex team start by gluing felt underlay to the base and sides of the pool. Generally they would then weld a bead to the top of the sidewalls. There is an option for a different type of fixing whereby PVC coated metal is fixed to the pool and also underneath the coping stones. In this instance the liner is then welded directly onto the metal profile. This system is particularly useful when renovating old pools especially when it is important not to disturb the coping stones.

The sidewall is then clipped into the linerlock (or welded to the metal profile) and cut to the correct depth. The base of the pool can now be lined and the sidewalls welded to the base. The material is overlapped by 50mm and welded with a hot air gun.

All welds are scribe-tested and sealed with liquid PVC mastic.

All our in-house Aquaflex teams are qualified Renolit approved installers. We never use sub-contractors for Site Lining.