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Solar Accessories

Aquaflex Edge Seal – for solar covers to suit Deck level and Infinity pools

A neat solution to the problem of exposed edges to solar covers on both Deck Level and Infinity pools. The ingenious new Aquaflex Edge Sealing strip has a weighted hem hanging approximately 5″ (127mm) under the edge of the cover to keep it in place and protected from the wind. For Deck Level pools the Edge Seal would be on all four sides, whilst for Infinity pools it would only be required on the relevant side(s) of the cover.

Aquaflex Roller to cover Attachment Kit

This universal kit provides a simple method for attaching any type of solar cover to any type of roller. Each kit comes complete with all the straps, toggles, screws and washers required as well as a drill bit.

Aquaflex Solarglide

The Solar Glide Leading Edge is a towing device which enables the pool owner to pull the solar cover off the roller onto the pool with ease. It can be supplied either in kit form for retro fitting to an existing solar cover, or factory fitted as part of a new cover. The Solar Glide enables the cover to be positioned easily on the pool with the minimum of effort. Prices shown on page 45.

Roller Storage Cover

Covers left on rollers for extended periods, especially during the winter should be protected from the elements. The Aquaflex Roller Storage Cover is made from robust green reinforced PVC specifically designed for outdoor use.