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DECKING SOLID – Slip Resistance Innovation for your Environment

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN have an ongoing commitment to excellence in swimming pool solutions and now also for non-pool environments. Introducing the DECKING SOLID Collection, a slip resistance innovation that redefines safety and comfort around the pool.

This new breakthrough redefines the possibilities for design and durability in areas surrounding the pool. Our outdoor pool line is a statement of style and strength that blends seamlessly into any environment.

The SOLID collection by DECKING, available in three colours (light grey, dark grey and sand), stands out for its continuous and seamless floor. This feature not only adds a contemporary touch, but also guarantees total water tightness around the pool.

Dark Grey                            Sand                                     Light Grey












Aquatic facilities know the importance of having a safe, slip-resistant and waterproof deck solutions around the pool. Choosing the right materials will ensure the safety of patrons while also ensuring the ease of maintenance and structural integrity of the swimming pool area.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN DECKING is the ideal deck product because it provides a slip-resistant surface that is comfortable for bather’s feet, requires minimal maintenance and will last for many seasons.

When the rolls are butt-welded this product provides a continuous floor surface and guarantees a completely waterproof solution for the entire pool exterior. The decking product can even be combined with an interior pool membrane creating a completely waterproof solution for the entire aquatic facility.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN DECKING and interior pool membranes provide aquatic facilities with the ideal waterproofing solution for both the interior and exterior of the pool. Both solutions are long lasting, easy to maintain, provide superior comfort to bather’s feet and make swimming pools safer.

· Aquatic facility pool decks
· Lockers rooms
· Showers
· Athletic facilities
· Spa and hot tub decks

RENOLIT ALKORLAN DECKING is a flexible, reinforced PVC membrane, specifically designed for decking areas around pools, splash pads, locking rooms and shower areas.

Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, this product can be used both for new construction as well as for renovation. The product can be installed on any surface including concrete, tile and wood.

Installed with thermofusion welding, it guarantees a completely watertight, waterproof surface solution that is easy and fast to install compared to other decking options. The final result is a  watertight surface that is easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.

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