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Monaco Range

…the luxury domestic reel system at a realistic price!. Available in 2 different sizes

  • Small (pools up to 16’/4.88m wide)
  • Large (pools up to 20’/6.40m wide)

Available in 3 different models


  • Monaco Standard
  • Monaco Deluxe
  • Monaco Premier (with SmartGear)

Everything about this reel has been carefully thought out, designed, and manufactured to a high quality to make a reel that does the job it is supposed to – wind covers on and off a pool easily. The following features come as standard for all models of Monaco.


Monaco SunReel

Monaco SunReel (key operated)

The Monaco SunReel is a Monaco fixed reel with German manufactured electric motor powered by solar charged battery. The slim, control box is made from 316 stainless steel, vented and IP67 rated with a large solar collector for trickle charging attached to it. It is operated by a 3-way switch and also has a battery charger terminal. The whole control box/solar collector (solar pack) can be rotated to get the best solar gain. Simple to install and accessible with easy to fit ground fixings. A battery charger is an optional extra. This is IP65 rated and therefore safe for outdoor use. It can be used if the battery needs to be recharged if the reel has been used a lot or if there has been poor sunlight.

Monaco SunReel (remote controlled)

As above but is also operated by remote controlled fob. If the fob is lost of damaged the reel can still be operated using the 3-way switch. The Monaco SunReel Extra also includes the IP65 rated
battery charger. As the reel is operated by remote control it means that the solar pack can be sited away from the reel system to optimise the best solar gain. For example it could be positioned on top of the plant room or on a wall, and this means it can also be used for indoor pools. A cable link can be supplied to bespoke lengths.